Our Wish List

  • A place to call home with access to:  Garden, Outdoor Play Space, A Kitchen and 2 Restrooms
  • $5,000 to for Director and Head Teacher to attend AERO conference Portland, Oregon, August 2011
  • 2 macbooks (new or used)
  • 5 ipads
  • good reference books
  • classic story books
  • playground and/or a mountain of fill to climb on
  • microscope and starter slides
  • stand mixer and bakeware
  • sewing machine
  • loom and yarn
  • knitting needles and yarn
  • art supplies (paper, paint, canvases)
  • giant map of the world
  • subscriptions to children's magazines
  • telescope (making kit)
  • woodworking tools
  • a kiln
And more to come...