Monday, July 25, 2011

It Only Took A Spark

It's been seven months since I last wrote words about education.  Seven long months of silence.

Despite appearances (or lack thereof) the fire had not died completely.  Under the ashes, there were embers that refused to die.  Couldn't die.  That fire was made of my essence - which itself, is greater than my personality or this life and it does not die.  So, it glowed.  And waited.  And kept me warm.

Then came a spark.  And some air.  Then more sparks.  And I felt the fire beginning to burn again.  An early starter fire, to be sure, but a fire nonetheless.  Complete with heat, light and sound effects.  I am ready to be ready to change the world again!

Amazingly, sometimes I am moved by my Spirit and my deep connection to the world around me - a generally positive motivation that comes from aspiration toward great things for humanity.  And sometimes.  Some times I am moved by my strong, immediate and forceful reaction to injustice.  The feeling that is a monolithic "This Cannot Be."

I see children being forgotten and left behind by the system and I think, This Cannot Be.
I see people hanging their child's every last hope and dreams on winning a lottery for a charter school and I think, This Cannot Be.
I see children being squashed, pressed - crushed by a system that does not care at all about them and I think, This Cannot Be.
I see parents struggling to put their children in a good school (in this case a "good school" is qualified by it's having basic amenities, moderate learner:teacher ratios and a variation-on-the-theme curriculum) and I know that This. Cannot. Be.

The spark meets fuel and the energy expands and becomes fire and I want to change how we do education ... again.

And soon all those around will warm up in it's glowing... I want to pass it on.