We have created an admissions and enrollment process that allows for as much personal contact as possible prior to enrollment to ensure compatibility and appropriateness of our programme for your family.
a) Submit completed application form with $25 application fee.
b) Interview with applicant’s whole family and Director & Facilitator.*
c) Learner comes in for one to three emersion days to ensure a good fit.
d) Registration fee paid in full.
e) Tuition Fee Schedule agreement and Learning Contract drafted and signed.
f) First tuition payment due
g) Enrollment is complete.
  • The interview is a casual meeting to help the learner’s facilitator and the director to get to know the learner and her family and family culture.  This helps us understand the child more fully and therefore better able to facilitate her learning choices. 
Spaces Available
by age group and enrollment date
Age         Group Spaces
4 - 6 Early Years Eight (8)
6+ - 8 Growing Years Ten (10)
9 - 10 Budding Years Twelve (12)