Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gestating... Waiting.

The metaphor of gestation, labor and birth is an all too obvious metaphor for me to use; given the name of this blog is "Birth of a School".

So, I will use that metaphor to say that I am feeling like a first time mom; that is, like I might just be pregnant forever (forever... forever... ever...). I haven't blogged for a shameful three weeks because of a combination of writer's block and plain old nothin doin.

Well, not nothing, I have been home/un-schooling my three children (two by birth, one by spirit) and working part time at the playgroup. That's a part of it too. I have been feeling trashed dot com most nights and I've been known, over the past week or two, to moan that "I neeeeed to bloooooog" without really doing anything like opening the lap top, or switching from facebook (*shame*) and actually punching keys and making words and sentences... until Now!

And yet, I still don't have much to report. Except that I have just finished a mini labor over my letter to our Honorable Minster of Education, Mister Desmond Bannister. I am going to hand deliver - wait, I don't know, my funny valentine is telling me that I may go there (to Min. Ed.) (all decked out in a blouse with sleeves!) and be told that
"No, sweetie, you have to mail this with two fifty dollar stamps, and you have to find a stranger to lick it, and they have to be from Cat Island. Then you have to press them on with your left hand and mail it on a waxing (or is it waning?) moon in a month that ends with -uly and a day that ends with P."
I'd call to find out, but I will likely get the room with the phone and no one in it. Or the other room with the phone off the hook and no one in it.

Either way, this letter is going to Mr. Bannister!

You want to know what is in the letter? Me being all bold and telling him that I've been to conferences on the leading edge of progressive education. And that I know my school can change education in The Bahamas and that his participation by approval will be a pioneering move on his part - well, not exactly those words, but you know what I mean. I listed some of the characteristics unique to my school and talked about what it would mean for the learners. I told him that I want to discuss the possibility of doing a charter school too.

My hope is to get in front of him before Christmas and have something going in January.

If you know of anyone or have any resources at all that can cast a favorable light beam on to this project, please pass it on.

Good night and good luck to all of us.

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