Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fan Mail!

I've gotten my first "public" response (that is, a person I know not) from the appearance on JCN.  I just had to share it with you as I was very encouraged and touched by the message.

Hello Cian T Sawyer,  Just touching bases with you after seeing you on JCN jus now.  I commend your thoughts and brains.  we need some more of you around here so bad...Keep it up, it will rub off okay...
I am a P.E. Teacher at [A Public School]...
Take Care.....
[Name withheld]

Yay!  There are people out there who resonate with Progressive Education - and they are already in the system!  I feel so positive and hopeful.  (I also know that I'd better hang on to this feeling because not everyone will be so "appreciative" of what I am saying.  Which is fine.)  

*giving a care bear stare to the whole educational system*

Can you feel the love?

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