Monday, June 7, 2010

Change for a Paradigm?

This busy little blogging bee has so many thoughts racing through my head today that I can't seem to do anything else but read and write. I am now, as you can see, in the "writing" phase of the cycle.

So here's the thing, the idea of alternative education is very appealing to a great many people (or so it seems). People tend to be intrigued and, at least on the surface "get" why self or learner directed education makes sense.

Yet, I believe it's much the same as the way people (mostly would-be tourists) are always "impressed" when I tell them that I live in The Bahamas. I think for them it's like, "Wow you get to go to those amazing beaches and relax all the time and never have to go to work and sip pina coladas and eat fruit all day?!"

Wait, I think I got lost in the metaphor.

My original point is that people like the idea... right okay, I'm repeating myself. What I am really trying to say is that to really let your child be the boss of her education requires a bit of a paradigm shift. And by "a bit" I mean "Huge" (capital H and all).

So maybe my little school will have my two children as it's only enrolled students. Or maybe not - if people are interested in change for their paradigm, I'm interested in helping them make it.

Will that be two nickels or ten pennies, ma'am?

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