Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All A-Board!

I have not deluded myself into believing that I can start a school all by my onesies. Quite the contrary, I am well aware of my need to make this vision a reality in, through, with a community.

My next move is to call together a Board of Advisors to collaborate with and bounce things around with. This little blog post serves as a prayer of intention to the universe to ready the right hearts and to gather us together very soon.

In the meantime I will begin documenting the relevant information that the Ministry of Education requires of this would be school starter. Want to know what they require?

The Name
Full Postal and Street Address
Name of Proprietor/Principal (let's assume that's me)
Proposed Date of Opening (September 2011)
Ownership (Church/Company/"Other")
Affiliation or Articulation Agreement (Global Village School)
Governance (how will it be bossed)
Mission Statement
Physical Resources/Facilities (where yo school gon' be at?)
Learning Resources (Library, Media Lab, Art room, etc.)
Clientele (Grades, No. of students, Gender, Recruitment tactics)
Instructional Programme (curriculum?)
Staffing (Faculty, Qualifications)
Community Involvement (PTA etc.)
Finance (can you say "Fundraiser"?)
Vision Statement/Development Plan
I've got a few of those done. Just need to come up with about $30 to $50K, no biggie.

So - like I said:

All Aboard! Dingdingdingdingding!

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