Tuesday, June 15, 2010

20 Questions

It's really only 17, but that's not a reference that anyone would get so, naturally - for the sake of the craft - I simply had to fudge the numbers a bit. I knew you'd understand!

So, you remember the questions I'd told you were on the questionnaire? I finally wrote out my answers today! (You want a true confession? I'm gonna be honest here and admit that I have been stalling a bit in filling the form out. *whispering* IT'S TRUE! I'm kinda scerd that they'll just spit me out like a watermelon seed. PTEW! But scared or not, I'm doing it! ... Okay, back to the blog post:)

(Do I need to say *normal voice* here? No, right?)

I'm publishing this because sharing the journey is what this is about and what that's about is letting interested parties in so we can be Two Or More.

Ready for my answers! Here they are:

Name: The Village School (What do you think?)
Address: New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road, off W Bay St.
Name of owner: yours truly
Date of opening: September 2011
Ownership (Church/Company/Other): (Drew a blank on this one. Not sure if I need a holding company.)
Affiliation: Global Village School
Governance: Board of Directors will support School Director (that's me!)
Teachers and Students will work together to support each other.
Mission Statement: The Village School will provide children and parents from all socio-economic backgrounds regardless of race, gender or religion with a Holistic, diverse learning environment that nurtures the whole child. Our aim is to foster each individual's unique abilities/intelligence through colloboratve and/or self-authored curricula. As core values, learning will take place within the framework of Respect and Care for the Community of Life, Ecologicial Integrity, Social and Economic Justice and Democracy, Peace and Diversity. Through and uncompromising ethos of co-operative living balanced by Love of Self and others the Village School intends to be an emissary of unitive consciousness in the lives of our students, staff, families and the community at large.
Phyisical/Learning Resources (9 & 10): 2 Classrooms, 1 media lab, 1 indoor basket- and volley ball court, a vegetable garden, 1 library, on site food service, gendered restrooms, in room toilet facilities, in room sing facilities.
Clientele: First School Year (2011-2012) operating levels Pre-Kindergarten through year two; Second Year (2012-2013 (barring apocalyptic events)) adding continuing years three through six.
Admissions: 1. Application, 2. Family Interview (all immediate family present), 3. Village interview (student meets with her potential learning group and facilitators), 4. Registration, 5. Placement!
Instructional Programme: Global Village School Curriculum supplemented by: Art Expression/Exploration, Garden Projects, Dramatic Interpretations, Community Service, Physical Expression (swimming, soccer, running, court sports etc.), Mentorship by practicing experts-as-instructors
Staffing: Two full time facilitators, 2-4 part/full time room assistants, 1 administrative assistant/activities coordinator, several as-needed subject specific instructors (anything we want to learn about from finance to gymnastics and everything all around!)
Community Involvement: TVS family will work together - students, parents and facilitators - on ways to be actively involved in cultural and charitable organizations and events.
Finance: TVS will establish financial stability through fundraising and grants. With a minimum number of enrolled (full pay) students, basic overhead costs are met (rent, salaries, insurance). It is the intention of TVS to raise approximately $15 - $20K for operating capital.
Vision Statement/Development Plan: (This is a bit hairy and needs some kinks worked out but here it is:) As the singular provider of holistic, environmentally grounded education, TVS intends to maintain a small but stable niche market. As the school grows and exemplifies diversified pedagogical vehicles driving toward multiple intelligence, we will joyfully share our insight with other interested institutions of education. With growing awareness of the implications of current practices on the state of the global ecology, TVS is the first schoool in The Bahamas to base it's educational praxis on personal and global healing and wholeness. As we continue to study models of successful alternative public schools (in the U.S.) it is our hope to create practices that will influence mainstream public education here at home. (see what i mean? Hairy, hairy, hairy!)

So that's that! Gonna type it up real nice and pretty like and take it and a jacket/sleeves down to MinEd when I get back from AERO in a couple of weeks.

Wish me luck!

No, really do it. Out loud. Now...


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